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Ghosthush and Scourge by SimplyMisty

Very nice! I love the shading, and the blood gives the two characters more evilness. The way the eye glows is just perfect. However, Scourge should be smaller. It looks like he's the same size as Ghosthush. And the collar needs some work, it looks like there are only teeth in the front. Ghosthush's arm is too fat, and he needs whiskers, Scourge's are too short. Adding the dewclaw would help improve, and so would adding the hairs above their eyes. Other then that, it's great. But you have room for improvement. Keep up the work. You're improving alot. c:
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SimplyMisty Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I made them the same size so their bodies could intwine in each other, instead of scourge being smaller, and the anatomy being uneven. i did have his whiskers longer, but their black, so they blend into the background. so is ghost's. i made Ghost's arm fatter, showing he's larger then scourge. Anyways, thanks. xD
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